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Bliss Mama Doula

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services
Certified doula in Singapore
Bliss Mama Doula supports families through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood

Hi, I'm Claire

I am a mum of two and a passionate birth and postpartum doula. 

I believe birth is a normal process.

I believe birth can be empowering, peaceful and beautiful.

With the right preparation and support,

women can give birth with calm and confidence.

The way YOU give birth matter.

You deserve to bring your baby into the world safely with respect, compassion and love.

"To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born"

Michel Odent, French obstetrician & childbirth specialist

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Why do you need 
a doula?

The word "Doula" is a greek word that means "the one who serves".

In ancient times, women were giving birth at home and were often attended by a midwife. Laboring women were also nurtured and cared for by a network of female family members, neighbors and friends during the birthing process and the weeks after baby was born. However, in our modern society, continuous support during and after labor has often become the exception rather than the routine.


Here is what the research says about continuous support during labour, and the benefits of having a doula by your side during childbirth, and the weeks after your baby arrives.



  • 31% decrease in risk of negative birth experience

  • 39% decrease in risk of cesarean birth

  • 10% decrease in the use of pain relief medication

  • 15% increase of spontaneous vaginal birth 

  • 41 min shorter labor


  • Increase rate of breastfeeding at 6 weeks postpartum​

  • Reduced anxiety at 6 weeks postpartum

  • Increase confidence in parenting skills

Doula support

Claire made my birth's experience a positive and memorable one.

During the birth, Claire was there from the beginning to the end. She was very supportive. She encouraged me and helped me stay focused and calm. She also helped me plan my birth and prepare for this important and unique moment. She is a competent professional and was an invaluable source of information and support during my pregnancy. I am very grateful to have had her by my side.

Lynne, mother of Maya
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