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That's a question I get often during first conversations with expecting parents.

I wish I could give you a straight-forward answer, but...there is no right or wrong time to book a doula!

It will depends on your motivations for wanting a doula, the way you feel about this pregnancy and the upcoming birth... The key is to find a timing that feels right for you and allows you to build a positive and supportive relationship with your doula before the birth.

What you want is to establish a foundation of trust with your doula and birth team. During your birth, you will need to feel comfortable, and to surrounder to a new person. That's the reason you might want to hire a doula quite early during your pregnancy so you have the time to get to know each other. This is what will make your birth team a supportive one.

Hiring a doula early in your pregnancy can be a good thing for you if:

  • Your pregnancy brings some anxiety and you feel stressed or overwelmed about the pregnancy, the birth or the life with a baby

  • You experienced traumas or great challenges during your previous pregnancies

  • You don't find the support necessary with your partner, family or care provider

The earlier you hire a doula, the earlier you will have the continuity of invaluable prenatal support. From the moment you bring a doula on board, they are there for you. I make myself accessible to my clients through messages and phone calls right from the moment they hire me.

Additionally, if you start looking for a doula early, you will be able to discuss with a few person, and you will likely have more of a choice. And because I am a doula based in Singapore ( and if you are in Singapore too and pregnant, pay attention tor this one!) you may want to look for a doula early if your baby is due in December or during Chinese New year. Those periods are busy, and some doulas may be travelling, which leads to less doulas available for birth support.

BUT, if you are further along in your pregnancy, and birth is approaching, dont panic! It's never too late to find a doula! You will still receive all the benefits of having a doula even if you hire them on the last weeks of pregnancy. I had clients hiring me at 13 weeks of pregnancy, and others at 38 weeks, right before they went into labor!

In any case, and to talk again about the importance of a strong connection with your doula, you should not feel rushed into hiring someone. You deserve to have the best birth team possible. Interview a couple or a few doulas until you find someone who is a good fit for your family.

One who aligns with your values, birth philosophy,and budget.

So, when is a good time to hire a doula?

It's generally a good idea to consider hiring a birth doula early in your pregnancy, ideally during the first or second trimester. Most of my clients hire me during their second trimester of pregnancy. That's usually when the energy level goes up, when the pregnancy becomes more real, and when women start to think more clearly about their birth desires and the support they want to achieve a postive birth experience.

In conclusion, choosing the right time to welcome a doula into your journey is a personal decision, but doing so early ensure a seamless continuum of care. Embrace the wisdom, guidance and knowledge a doula brings, allowing yourself the gift of a supported and empowered pregnancy and birth experience.


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