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Affirmations are statements designed to encourage, reduce fear and give you inner strength.

They are great tools to be used and repeated during labor and birth to shift, or even "reprogram" your mindset.

These affirmations can keep you motivated, focused and will infuse positive thoughts into your mind. They are part of many other things you can use during labor to help you gain control and confidence in your ability to give birth.

As exciting as the arrival of a baby can be, the process of birth can be overwhelming and worrying.

If you feel quite anxious about birth, this is common- and normal. Share your fears or concerns with your partner, midwife or doula so you can manage those emotions and find strategies that help you feel more relaxed and confident.

Birth affirmations are here to remind you of the truth that birth is a natural process and that you can have a smooth and positive birth, like you deserve. They can also remind you that your baby is on the way and will soon be in your arms!

Positive affirmations were incredibly helpful for my births, and I used them together with visualisations and breathing techniques.

I still remember my husband displaying them all over the walls while I was in labor!

I have created for you sixteen cards, with my favourite mantras that are usually short sentences, easy to remember, powerful and can be repeated over and over into your head- our out loud.

Not all of them will resonate with you but I hope some of them will, and that they will be helpful if you are giving birth soon!

And because it is more intuitive to use them in your native language, I have made them in French and English! You just have to click on the pictures to download them, or click on the link below.


Xx, Claire

Download PDF • 1.80MB

Birth Affirmations
Download PDF • 1.18MB


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